INCL Summer School: Making Snow Cones from around the World インクルサマースクールの「世界のかき氷をつくってみよう!」 インクル英会話浜松市



During one of my summer school classes in Hamamatsu this week, the students and I played English games and made snow cones.

We have a snow cone maker, and each student made his/her snow cone by holding his/her bowl while the ice was being shaved. Then, they put different flavors of syrup and put more ice. We had strawberry, melon, orange, and Hawaiian blue.

We also made different styles from different countries. We made Japanese-style and Korean-style (with ground peanuts, sweet beans, and fruit), but the kids got full, so we didn’t make Thai-style.

If you can, you should cool off from the heat by enjoying a snow cone. If you pass by the Aritama school, you may see us making more!



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